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16 Clean Eating Sandwiches with Whole Wheat Bread

I have three kids so naturally our house is a noisy, chaotic disaster most days (which I wouldn’t change for the world). Quick, easy lunches are the order of the day most of the time. So, we have sandwiches- a lot! My favorite thing about sandwiches? My little monsters angels can make them themselves. Sandwiches […]

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How to Cook Artichokes

Image via Therisingspoon  If you’ve ever walked past artichokes at the grocery store and thought “what the heck do I do with those?!?” This post is for you! If you only eat artichokes in restaurants simply because cook them seems daunting, this post is for you. The objective of today’s post is to show just […]

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How to Sauté Onions

Image via idratherbeachef Don’t be intimidated by the fancy sounding word, to sauté onions simply refers to cooking the onions in a pan coated with a little bit of oil or butter on very high heat in order to make them tender and brown them just a little bit in the process. Sauté is a French […]

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How to Clean Mushrooms

Mushrooms grow quite close to the ground, so low, in fact, that they end up trapping a lot of dirt. But don’t let all the dirt deter you! We’ve got a foolproof plan for you. What do you want to watch out for? A couple of things; first, you want to make sure your mushrooms […]

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11 Clean Eating Pasta Recipes

Viva la Pasta! Don’t you just love pasta? I know I do, and so does the fam! From ravioli to spaghetti, shells to lasagna, we love them all. And we are definitely not alone- pasta is a staple in most pantries. And, it’s not just for Italian or Asian foods, pasta is a very versatile […]

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