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14 Clean Eating Italian Recipes

“There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food.” ~ Elisha Cuthbert The Italians are well-known for their cuisine and not just because of those fancy names that roll off the tongue but also because Italian cuisine pays so much attention to flavor. No wonder the culinary world is so obsessed with Italian foods. With Italian cuisine, […]

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16 Clean Eating Comfort Foods

Comfort foods appeal to the eyes and the mind as much as they appeal to the taste buds. Some comfort meals evoke nostalgic memories while others make you feel more upbeat after a few bites. I love comfort food- especially on cold nights when you need to feel that delicious warmth from your favorite meals. […]

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16 Clean Eating Sandwiches with Whole Wheat Bread

I have three kids so naturally our house is a noisy, chaotic disaster most days (which I wouldn’t change for the world). Quick, easy lunches are the order of the day most of the time. So, we have sandwiches- a lot! My favorite thing about sandwiches? My little monsters angels can make them themselves. Sandwiches […]

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11 Clean Eating Pasta Recipes

Viva la Pasta! Don’t you just love pasta? I know I do, and so does the fam! From ravioli to spaghetti, shells to lasagna, we love them all. And we are definitely not alone- pasta is a staple in most pantries. And, it’s not just for Italian or Asian foods, pasta is a very versatile […]

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7 Clean Eating Wraps

I’m here again with more clean eating recipes; this time around it’s all about clean eating wrap recipes. Why wraps? I chose to write about wraps today as a result of a discussion/borderline argument I had with a good friend of mine. In her opinion, wraps should only ever be made with tortillas. If it’s […]

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