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The Best Essential Oils For Tinnitus

Tinnitus is extremely common, affecting 50 million adults in the U.S. alone. The effects can range from a mild annoyance, to a debilitating condition affecting sleep and mood. Essential oils are a great way to treat tinnitus naturally. They can offer relief when tinnitus becomes overwhelming, and keep it at bay with regular use.The best […]

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6 Best Essential Oils For Treating Hives

Nothing is more irritating than the burning, itching sensation of hives. And trying to stop from scratching and damaging your skin can feel impossible. Although there are medications available to treat hives, essential oils can offer a more immediate, soothing relief that many people who suffer from chronic hives crave. Not only that but they […]

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The Best Essential Oils For Motion Sickness and Nausea

Nothing ruins a trip more than motion sickness. You want to enjoy your fun, new adventure, but feelings of nausea take over and make it a miserable experience. Traditional methods of treating motion sickness involve over the counter medications, but for those of us who don’t wish to turn to pharmaceuticals, there is another option. Some essential […]

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