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20 Clean Eating Soup Recipes

One of the most basic and oldest meals known to man are soups. The oldest civilizations have records of a variety of soups made out of meats and vegetables. I’m pretty sure the pre-historic men just kinda tossed loads of meat and veggies into a pot without much seasoning- soup has definitely come a long […]

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9 Clean Eating Stuffed Pepper Recipes

Peter Piper packed a peck of perfect peppers with perfect pairings! Ok, so my rhyme skills are a little lacking, but don’t take that out the stuffed peppers. Peppers are nautre’s perfect vessel for a variety of truly wonderful and appetizing fillings. Pocket shaped and ready to be stuffed, you can pack almost any large […]

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10 Clean Eating Stuffed Mushroom Recipes

Mushrooms are one of nature’s most versatile vegetables and thanks to their savory, umami (meaty) flavors, they are commonly known as the vegan’s meat. There are also an abundance of varieties, textures, sizes, flavors and uses for mushrooms, from the large portobello mushrooms to the smaller Asian varieties like shiitake and shimeji. Hit up your […]

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21 Clean Eating Freezer Recipes

Juggling 3 kids, a blog and running a home are not easy feats. And there are days I’m either too busy or just too dog-tired to shop for ingredients or heat up the oven, let alone prep an entire meal from scratch. Sound familiar? Fortunately, I have a secret weapon: freezer recipes. Freezer recipes and […]

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9 Clean Eating Sauces For The Family

I have a confession to make. I have a bit of a sauce problem. Dipping sauces, sauces for salads, sandwiches, roasts, tacos- I love them all! In my opinion, a meal isn’t complete without at least one sauce… although 2, 3 or 4 sauces at a meal in my house is not unusual. It’s becoming […]

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