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How Much Water Should You Be Drinking Each Day?

Question: What one thing in your diet will keep your skin glowing, your organs functioning properly, your energy levels high and brain function strong? You guessed it: Water. (Did the title of the article give it away?) A few more things that water helps with: From Visual.ly How much water should I drink a day? […]

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How to Reduce Inflammation- and why that matters

When you get a cut or a scrape, the area usually swells and feels warm. That’s inflammation. In the short term (like with cuts and scrapes), it’s a good thing. Inflammation kills foreign invaders, like germs and bacteria, that are trying to gain access to your body. When you get sick and have a fever, […]

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Simple Ways to Make Your Food Healthier

Life is better when it’s simple. When it comes to eating healthier or losing weight, it can get complicated pretty quick. And the advice is all over the place: Cut out fruit. Eat more fruit. Low fat is healthier. High fat, low carb is healthier. It’s enough to make your head spin. The amount of […]

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Is Caffeine Good for You or Bad for You?

Coffee is a daily necessity for many of us. And that’s ok. Usually. A little caffeine, from 20mg to 200mg can help us feel more alert, energetic and focused. It may even help protect our brains, have cognitive enhancing effects, and have positive effects on our memory for at least 24 hours after it’s consumed. […]

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Is Fruit Really Good For You?

Short answer: Yes. Fruit is good for you. It packs a variety of vitamins and minerals that help keep your body healthy. Check out the infographic below to learn more about how fruit keeps your body healthy. Then keep reading to get the whole story. Because there is a “but” coming. As usual. From Visual.ly Fruit does a […]

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