Can Certain Foods Boost Your Metabolism?

What is our metabolism and why would we want to boost it?

Our metabolism is how quickly we break down food and turn it into energy. A fast metabolism means, generally, a lower weight and more energy.

Ok then, three cheers for a boosted metabolism!

Is it too good to be true or are there really foods that help boost metabolism? Some really good food for thought here :)

Check out the infographic here.

So wait, all we have to do is eat these foods and we’ll have more energy and lose weight?

Well, yes and no. You will definitely have more energy (healthy foods tend to give you more energy- cool, right?)… although eating them and changing nothing else probably won’t result in much weight loss.

It’s not all bad news- having more energy means you’ll be more active which will likely result in weight loss, regardless of the metabolism boosting foods you may be eating.

I definitely encourage you to take this infographic with a grain of salt (remember, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is). Eating these foods is not going to help you magically lose weight.

However, two important points I want to make- all these are incredibly healthy foods, so go ahead and enjoy them. They offer plenty of benefits other than a boosted metabolism so feel free to enjoy them guilt free. Any added metabolism boost should just be a happy little bonus!

And secondly, even if these foods are super healthy, keep in mind that unnecessarily limiting your diet (like to just metabolism boosting foods) can result in deficiencies and be unhealthy.

Just because a food is “healthy” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the calorie content if you want to lose weight.

Now it’s time for more good news!

Every little bit does add up!

So go ahead and enjoy that ice water for an extra hundred calories burned each day- 100 extra calories burned each day over a year can add up to almost 10lbs per year.

Want to add in a few more cheeky little moves to burn extra calories? Then be sure to fidget. HIIT, sprints, and weight lifting will also help your body burn calories and the “after burn” will keep your metabolism higher for longer as well.

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