5 Cinco de Mayo Recipes for a Party

Planning parties can be fun, but definitely a little stressful. There is always so much to do, from deciding on fun activities to creating a menu; just remember to keep in mind your sister’s gluten intolerance, your best friend’s preference for paleo, the neighbors are vegan and to top it all off your cousin’s new boyfriend only eats raw food. It’ll make you head spin. Oh, and don’t forget to make it kid friendly too.

At this point in time, my only resolve is to go for recipes that can be made in bulk; I’m talking about family size recipes. If it’s a single pot dish, even better. That gives me enough time to make those tantalizing desserts I shared with you in a previous post and don’t forget drinks. We’ve got to have something colorful and refreshing to help digest all those meals after all; Happy cooking!

Individual Seven Layer Dips

Awesome party idea; you can even substitute any layer with whatever suits you and you can custom build them to everyone’s preference. It’s simple matter of getting all the individual layers ready before the guests arrive and then layering them into glass tumblers when it’s time to pass out refreshments.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

I love chicken breasts because they can be quite versatile in recipes and the chicken tortilla soup is no exception. It’s got a prep time of just ten minutes, so you can easily make a huge pot if there is a need for it.

Margarita Mousse Bars

Margaritas for dessert? You can be sure your guests will be wolfing these down! They are also gluten free and can be made vegan if you use an egg substitute. They are easy to prepare and the topping is simply sensational. Get the recipe here.

Mexican Rice

This recipe is vegan and gluten plus it cooks up in a single pot. This recipe that will save you a lot of clean up time, plus it’s rich, flavorful and all the veggies in this dish make it a healthier option (you can substitute white rice with brown rice to boost the nutrient content a little more).

Red Chile Chicken Enchiladas

For those who like their food a little more on the picante side, this recipe fits the bill and is positively mouthwatering. It is savory, rich and even though it takes a little more time your efforts will be well worth it. We dare anyone to taste this and not be amazed! Try it along with Mexican rice and beans.


Will you be trying out any of these for Cinco de Mayo? Let me know by leaving a comment! 




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