Buenos Aires- Show Me What You Workin’ With!

Here we are in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Incredible. Absolutely amazing and bustling and super crowded, but so wonderful. The first lesson we learned is just how vitally  important it is to look everywhere all the time- be sure to look up at the amazing architecture, and around at the art all over the city, but don’t ever stop looking down as the sidewalks are often in various degrees of disrepair and you are more likely than not to step in dog poop.

We rented a small, very charming studio apartment for the month that we will be here. I took this picture of the kitchen from the bedroom/living room/dining room:

Super cute, but super tiny!

We have a large sink, a dull chef’s knife and a bread knife, a can opener, several spoons, plates and cups and a tiny wooden cutting board which looks great in pictures but is infuriating to chop on. I have sent several things shooting off of the cutting board. Actually, it’s pretty well stocked for its tiny size. The most interesting component is the hotplate with two temperatures: on and off. Which has made for interesting cooking and some interesting new curses as well. The best thing about our tiny apartment is all the fruit and vegetable stand that are within a few blocks of it. The mega-grocery stores are not as common here, instead there are shops for fruits and veggies, butcher shops and various bakeries all within a kilometer or so.


Hello, my little fruit and veggie loves!

The apartment is located in Villa Crespo and we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring our new neighborhood and stuffing our faces with beef, empanadas (sometimes beef empanadas) and alfajores. Thanks to Buenos Aires’ Italian influence, we have also enjoyed lots of pizza and ice cream. We have had some great food, some good food and some bad food. We have found several amazing little restaurants and enjoyed a Cerrado Puerto and other “hidden” bars while we have been here. We would have never found many of these places without the help of this blog which we have found to be wildly helpful in picking out our next meal and this blog has taught us so much about the areas we find ourselves wandering around!


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