Fun Fact: you are more bacteria than human.

Kinda weird, right?

But the gut bacteria in our body out number our human body cells 10:1.

Since we are so outnumbered, it stands to reason that we should keep our bacteria happy and healthy so they don’t turn on us.

Check out the infographic below to find out just what happens if they do turn on you:

Check out the infographic HERE.

Ok, so how do you keep these little guys happy and healthy?

The short answer is this: the foods we eat.

Fiber, fermented foods and probiotics all keep them happy and flourishing.

Sugar, refined carbohydrates, a diet low in fruits and vegetables and high in animal proteins are all linked to lower diversity in gut bacteria (a bad thing) and increased health problems.

Exercise and stress also impact your gut bacteria. Stress in a negative way, and exercise in a positive way (but you could have guessed that, right?)

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