My Delicious Week in Bali

I literally cannot get enough of the fresh fish and all the tropical fruit that we have eaten here in Bali. Everything is just so fresh! I have been on a serious grilled fish kick- everything from squid to mahi-mahi to barracuda. And there is this fantastic sauce here, simply called “Balinese Sauce” that seems to top everything- its got shallot, chilis and oil and it adds just the right amount of pizzazz and heat to the fish. On my to do list? Learn how to make this epic sauce!

The squid that started it all.

This amazing dish featured a whole grilled squid. As if that wasn’t good enough, it was filled with cooked cabbage and other veggies.

The villa we stayed in offered breakfast for a mere 40,000 rupiah every day (a little over $3). So, of course we took them up on it! While they offered fried and scrambled eggs and banana pancakes, I opted for boiled eggs most mornings. Of course, the fruit salad was the star in my opinion!

On of my favorite non-fish dishes we have discovered is cap cay (look for this as a healthy travel find- coming soon!). Loaded with veggies and served with rice, this stew-like dish has made frequent appearances as my lunch!

It doesn’t get any fresher than this. One morning we got up early to go out fishing with the Balinese fisherman. We didn’t catch anything, but Nick’s dad caught us a feast! That night we enjoyed fresh grilled mackerel- delicious, once we got past the fact that dinner was staring at us!

Have I mentioned I love all the fresh fruit? At just over a dollar, this fruit plate makes an almost daily appearance in our lives. I have never been a huge fan of papaya (unless it is in the form of a green papaya salad- yum!), but adding a squeeze of lime not only makes it edible, it makes it crave-worthy.

Look who joined us for lunch one day.

Grilled barracuda. Note the sauce in the bowl on the side, that would be the infamous Balinese sauce that I simply cannot get enough of.

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