The Health Benefits of Wine

We have spent a lot of time lately in wine loving countries from Hungary to Portugal and, of course, France. We have enjoyed a good number of lunches or dinners with a glass of red wine. While in Lisbon we became huge fans of the vast amount of different kinds of Port available there. It’s been said by the nebulous “they” that a moderate amount of red wine is good for the heart, but I have also read the same thing about beer. And where does white wine fit into all that? Let’s explore the claims a little bit, shall we? […] Continue Reading

Spices, Not Salt

Visiting the Spice Bazaar in Turkey was an incredibly cool experience. We got to visit Ucuzcular Baharat, a stall that has been in business since 1886 where we tried tons of different spice blends and talked to a lady whose family had been selling spices for five generations! Obviously, she knew a thing or two …

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Top 20 Food Trends for 2015

Every year the National Restaurant Association publishes their food trend predictions for the following year. To do this, they interview almost 1,300 chefs from all over the US to find out what kind of food trends the chefs are interested in, what they think the public is interested in and what they think is just so 2014. It looks like we have some exciting things coming our way in 2015. Check out the list below for their top 20 food predictions for 2015 […] Continue Reading