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I love oatmeal! It's one of my all time favorite breakfast meals. But oatmeal is not just for breakfast. In fact, there are some really amazing clean eating oatmeal recipes... for lunch and dinner!!

One thing I always have on hand is oatmeal- it’s quick, kid friendly, healthy and wildly versatile. Oatmeal can be found as white oats, steel-cut oats or rolled oats. I use oats in everything, including healthy clean eating pancakes.

Oats are also great for lowering cholesterol in the body, they are a wonderful source of fiber and help reduce the risk of heart diseases.

If you’re limiting yourself to only eating oats at breakfast, you are missing out! Contrary to what people think, oats are not meant for breakfast recipes alone; they are so versatile that they can be incorporated in meals for any time of the day. From sweet to savory dishes, to thicken soups, to make dough or stuff veggies, oats make an appearance in a large number of recipes.

Below is a list of 15 delicious oatmeal based recipes for any type of meal.

Oatmeal with Kimchi and Fried Egg

Recipe found on Mango Tomato 

This savory oatmeal recipe is very fast and requires only 5 ingredients to make. You can cook the oatmeal in chicken broth to get maximum flavor.

Triple Chocolate Steel-cut Oatmeal

Recipe found on Running to the Kitchen 

This meal is absolutely ambrosial with the wonderful combo of different chocolates in one dish. It’s chewy and creamy and filling enough to keep you going strong til lunch.

Roasted Banana Chai Baked Oatmeal

Recipe found on Marla Meridith 

Baked oatmeal. It’s like cake for breakfast but actually healthy. Roasting the bananas caramelizes them and brings out their natural sweetness that will leave you swooning. Oh, and it’s completely vegan and gluten-free.

Oatmeal with Sauteed Mushrooms, Onion and Thyme

Recipe found on Abachelorandhisgrill

Let’s take a break from sweet oatmeal recipes and try something savory and fragrant this time around.  This super satisfying oatmeal dish is loaded with earthy tastes and wonderful aromas. Go ahead and give it a try!

Vegan Savory Oatmeal with Tempeh Bacon

Recipe found on Emilieeats

Avocado, hummus and tempeh make this savory oatmeal recipe an A+ for oat lovers.

Savory Oatmeal Porridge with Vegetables

Recipe found on My Diverse Kitchen 

If it’s colorful you know it’s got my attention. I love this recipe so much because it’s simple, loaded with lovely flavors and is also vegan-friendly.

Savory Corn, Blueberry, and Basil Oatmeal

Recipe found on The Oatmeal Artist 

This dish is summer in a bowl of oatmeal. Savory, sweet and perfect, it will wow you if you give it a shot.

Vegan Savory Steel Cut Oats

Recipe found on Peaceful Dumpling 

This recipe proves that oatmeal is a very versatile ingredient in meals. Transform your oat meals from bland to fantastic with this brilliant recipe!

Vegetarian Oatmeal Patties

Recipe found on ifoodreal

These oatmeal patties are great alternatives to meat patties and can be served with a variety of vegan or vegetarian dips.

Stuffed Baked Pears with Oats, Figs and Honey

Recipe found on dispatchesfromthegypsyroller

Oatmeal can even be dessert! The honey and fig give this sweet dish a warm taste that is exquisitely decadent. It can be served with any vegan ice cream of your choice.

Twice-baked Oatmeal Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Recipe found on Keepinitkind

The oatmeal may not be the base ingredient in this recipe but it certainly gives this dish an earthy taste and loads of fibre, which does a lot of wonders for your digestive system.

Lemon Baked Oatmeal with Raspberry Filling

Recipe found on Veganuary

This recipe is healthy enough for a guilt-free breakfast but decadent enough to make a killer dessert. Maybe you should make a double batch 🙂

Vegan Masala Oatmeal

Recipe found on One Green Planet 

This savory oatmeal dish cooks in five short minutes and packs a wallop of flavor. It’s great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

Sunflower Seed Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Recipe found on One Green Planet 

You will never know what you’ve been missing until you’ve tried these sunflower seed butter oatmeal cookies. Looking to switch up your kids’ snacks? This will certainly make a great healthy alternative.

Savory Vegan Mediterranean Oatmeal

Recipe found on Veganosity

This recipe is a heavenly cross between a risotto and a salad and it tastes as wonderful as it looks- but don’t take my word for it, try it out yourself.

For more interesting recipe roundups be sure to stick around. 

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