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Gut Bacteria and The Body

Fun Fact: you are more bacteria than human. Kinda weird, right? But the gut bacteria in our body out number our human body cells 10:1. Since we are so outnumbered, it stands to reason that we should keep our bacteria happy and healthy so they don’t turn on us. Check out the infographic below to […]

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Should You Go Gluten Free?

The gluten free diet is having its day in the sun. No doubt you’ve heard all the hype (your favorite celebrity just credited it with helping them lose 10 lbs or you’ve watched TV doctors rage against it) and at some point you have probably wondered, “should I go gluten free?” You can check out […]

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Can Certain Foods Boost Your Metabolism?

What is our metabolism and why would we want to boost it? Our metabolism is how quickly we break down food and turn it into energy. A fast metabolism means, generally, a lower weight and more energy. Ok then, three cheers for a boosted metabolism! Check out the infographic here. So wait, all we have […]

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