13 Tasty Vegan Slow Cooker Recipes

It’s time to dust off those crock-pots! Although they may conjure up images of meat-heavy dishes and delicious hearty stews, crock pots are actually so much more versatile than we often give them credit for. From curries to moles to soups, we have rounded up some of the most amazing vegan crock-pot recipes that will have you singing the praises of your slow cooker once again.

These vegan slow cooker recipes are great! Throw everything into the crock pot and you're done- awesome!!

A lot of us have little to no time on our hands but we want to still be able to eat healthy and nutritious meals. Sure, takeout is always an option but it’s often unhealthy and it gets expensive quickly. The great thing about cooking with your crock-pot is that it allows you the freedom of one-step preparation (dump everything in), turn it on and go. When you get home it will have cooked dinner, gently harmonizing the flavors and tastes of all your ingredients. They are also serious time savers, they ensure your meals are cooked evenly and that you have minimum clean up to do at the end of your cooking.

With that said, here are some healthy vegan ideas you may want to try out with in your crock-pot this weekend.

Vegan Lasagna Soup

Lentils as a substitute for meat is inspired, hearty, filling and packed with protein; you simply have to give this a try. According to this recipe, pre-cooked lentils are the not so secret ingredient behind that takes this dish from good to WOW.

Slow Cooker Tofu Curry

What happens when you combine tofu, curry paste, spices and coconut milk in your slow cooker? Magic, in the form of curry. Warm, hearty and with just the right amount of heat, this dish gets even better with the addition of basmati rice.

Fat-Free Cuban Black Bean Stew

With a prep time of 20 mins and a cook time of 2 hours, this Cuban stew is not only packed full of flavors but is quite easy to make as well.

Simple Instant Pot Black Bean Soup

This black bean soup is the definition of simple but healthy vegan crock-pot cooking. Adding a squeeze of fresh lime juice at the end gives it the perfect zingy taste.

Vegan Chanterelle Cream Soup

Blending your cooked beans with vegetable broth is the secret to this creamy vegan goodness you see here. It’s light, rich in protein and perfect for autumn evenings.

Vegan Crockpot Potato and Bean Mole

Why choose between beans and potatoes when you can have them together? This Mexican delicacy is so mouthwatering you will be lining up for seconds.

Slow Cooker Veggie Sausage, Mushroom & Chickpea Stew

This tomato stew is perfectly thick and just the right amount of sweet, thanks to the veggie sausage, chickpeas and mushrooms. Get the brilliant recipe from Tinned Tomatoes.

Slow Cooker Ratatouille Recipe (vegan, gluten-free)

This dish is a phenomenal rendition of the classic French vegetarian recipe; It’s so flavorful, you’ll be saying “ooh la la” before you know it.  The best part about making this stew in a slow cooker is that it gives you a very nice consistency.

Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup

This gorgeous soup combines everything great about fall (butternut squash! apples!) into one healthy bowl of sunshine; furthermore, the soup‘s not only vegan, it’s gluten-free also.

Creamy Curried Crockpot Chowder with Blacked-eyed Peas

Question? What will a 10-minute prep and a 3 hour cook time get you?

Answer – A delicious oil-free, creamy curried chowder filled with nutritious herbs and vegetables. And you won’t believe what gives this soup it’s creamy texture- cashews!

Slow Cooker Tempeh Braised with Figs and Port Wine

Here’s another fabulous gluten-free, vegan dish that requires minimal hands-on time. Although it takes about 6-8 hours to cook, the end taste is so worth the wait.

Chunky Vegan Chili

This entree can be adapted for meat lovers but after you’ve had a taste of this recipe, you’ll want to stick to the vegan version.

Crockpot Black Bean Mango Caribbean Chili

This Caribbean inspired Chili is simply divine! It’s bright, colorful, spicyand delicious. You can top this with lime juice for that zing or avocados and cherry tomatoes for a burst of color.


As always, I look forward to finding out what recipes you’ve tried out.


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